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Bio Organics Nutraceutical Formulated Products

Amino Acid is derived from protein. Protein is a kind of biopolymer, which occurs in the protoplasm of all living cells. Amino acid is the smallest unit of all proteins, which help in muscular development by initiating cell growth and strengthens the immunity system by development functional hormones and cellular enzymes.

When a protein molecule is splitted, we get an admixture of polypeptides, peptides and amino acids. There are 27 basic amino acids, out of which 10 are known to be essential amino acids, which are essential for physical development and for immunological activities as well. Lack of these amino acids hinders physical growth and may even cause death.

The application of amino acids is diversified. From medicinal application to cosmetics preparation, preservation of biodegradable materials and many more. But the most unexplored part is the application of amino acid as growth promoter of plant and animal. Amino acid can accelerate growth of cell as it itself composes proteins.

Hormones and other steroids are also formed by amino acids. Therefore, intake of amino acids helps in proper synthesis and release of hormones. The other way it can prevent the malfunction of hormones. Since steroid is formed by amino acid, using this there is no change of side effects.

When the body accumulates amino acid, the dosage or intake of it exceed the requirement of the body, it does not exert and harmful effect because the amino acid is rejected or stored in the hepatic system of the animal.

Health Product Amino acid can be used as Hair fertilizers as well as Hair Conditioner. It helps hair to grow & reproduction. It also removes burning effects of scalp, reduces of itching effects and makes soften & silky hair.

  • Bio-Organics Nutraceutical Formulated Products
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Bio Organics & Formulated Products

Bio Organics & Formulated Products
  • Bio Organics & Formulated Products
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Biomino is a mixed amino acid formulated with root hormones & phytostimulation and it can be used as growth promoter for foliar application on different types of vegetables, crops and tea cultivation. The use of Biomino has increased productivity of crop. It helps the growth of the plants. Fruit and decreases flower drop to a great extent. The Biomino has been applied on -

  • Eggplant
  • Tomato
  • Potato
  • Paddy
  • Wheat
  • Tea
  • Vegetables
  • Mustard Seed
  • Jatropha
  • Flowers
  • Floriculture and horticulture

In our country there is no such indigenous product, which can be used as media for tissue culture, on mulberry tree for sericulture.

Biomino is scientifically formulated Amino Acid based Bio-organic Nutritional product enriched with most essential nutrients required for plant growth promotion and for higher yields. It is highly nourishing foliar spray comprising of Amino Acids and other essential nutrients, which ensures hormonal activity of plant resulting into flowering and fruit setting. It also reduces the flower and fruit dropping caused by hormonal imbalance. Foliar application of Biomino enhances crop productivity by more than 25 to 30%.

Mode of Action of Biomino

  • Biomino accelerates photosynthesis of plant
  • Increases uptake of macro & micronutrients
  • Its natural stimulant properties promote enzymatic activity
  • Promotes protein generation and its constituent amino acids to act as building blocks for proper growth
  • Activities and induces flowering and fruit setting related hormones
  • Improves efficiency of the pesticides and fungicides by increasing internal immunity of plant.
  • Strengthens roots and asserts in root spread and plant growth

Benefits and Advantages of Biomino

  • Helps better crop spread
  • Induces flowering and reduces flower drop
  • Improves fruit setting and reduces drop
  • Improves fruit size, quality and color
  • Advance maturity and increases keeping quality provides draught resistance
  • It increases test of the crops and immunity of the plant. It is an eco-friendly product

Recommended Usage of foliar spray

  • Recommended doses for all crops range between 1-2 ml/liter of water depending on crop stage
  • It is suggested to spray Biomino during high growth stage i.e. pre-flowering, flowering & fruit formation stages
  • Biomino is mostly compatible with all types of insecticides and fungicides
  • Biomino can be used at every 15-20 days interval

Peptamino is another amino is another amino acid based feed supplement for poultry. It helps in reducing the mortality, helps in dissolving the yolk after hatching from egg. Requirement of peptamino for each bird from 1-40 days cycle is very negligible that is 0.7 gm @ 20 /cock / hen only which about 200 gm finds extra and added weight. Since amino acid is an immuno modulator it increases resistance and immunity of the body. It can also be used as antistress product. Therefore it can be used as growth promoter. After continuous field trial we have started marketing this product I a small scale.
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Bio Organics

Bio Organics
  • Bio Organics
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Protamino - We have also developed another amino acid based feed supplement for fish with the brand name Protamino. The field trial is in progress and we have found fabulous growth of fish and prawn after using Protamino.

As there is no such competitor in this sector in our country and no such product in the market, the scope is wide open for us throughout the country as well as outside the country. We can dominate the market for several years. Therefore, we would request, if you initiate the joint venture with us to grow and spread throughout the country and abroad.

Micromino is one of the amino acid based feed supplements for cattle. Vigorous field application has proved that Micromino increases the lactation of cattle, lactose and other protein content of the milk substantially. The milk becomes more creamy and fatty. The health and vigour of the cattle improves. It has also been seen that very sick calf has regained its health after feeding Micromino. Since amino acid is an immuno modulator it increases resistance and immunity of the body. It can also be used as antistress product. There is no such product in the market, which can act like this. Only few calcium based products are there in the market, which remits the calcium deficiency and yield of milk increases in a small quantity in their case.
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