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Essential Oil

An essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aromatic compounds from plants. Essential oils are frequently referred to as the "life force" of plants. It is produced by distillation. The amount of essential oils found in these plants can be anywhere from 0.01 percent to 10 percent of the total. Essential oils have been obtained from over 3000 plants and are designated and defined by the plant species and sometimes the geographical location. The sources of these oils are diverse, including flower petals (for example, rose and jasmine), spices (cinnamon and ginger), pine oil and turpentine, and citrus fruit peels. Compounds present in the juice that may contribute to the distinctive flavor of a fruit or berry are not, strictly speaking, components of the essential oil. Chemically, essential oils are extremely complex mixtures containing compounds of every major functional-group class. Essential oils are used in perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetics, incense, for flavoring food and drink, and to a lesser extent, in medicine and household cleaning products. They are valuable commodities to the fragrance and flavorant industries.

Essential Aromatic Oil

Essential Aromatic Oil
  • Essential Aromatic Oil
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Product List Of Essential Oil

Sr. No.Common NameSr. No.Common Name
41Camphor Oil70Datura Oil
42Cananga Oil71De-Mentholised Oil
43Caraway Oil72Dhavana Oil
44Cardamom Oil73Dill Seed Oil
45Carrot Oil74Dwarf Pine Oil
46Cassia Oil75Elemi Oil
47Castor Oil76Eucalyptus Oil
48Cedar Wood Oil77Evening Primerose
49Chalmogra Oil78Fennel Oil
50Chameli Ka Phool79Fir Needle Oil
51Chamomile Blue Oil80Flax Seed Oil
52Chmomile Oil81Frangipani Oil
53Cinnamon Bark Oil82Frankincense Oil
54Cinnamon Leaf Oil83Galangal Oil(Large)
55Citral Oil84Garlic Oil
56Citronella Oil85Geranium Oil
57Clary Sage Oil86Ginger Grass Oil
58Clementine Oil87Ginger Lily Oil
59Clove Bud Oil88Ginger Oil Cochin Steam Distillated
60Clove Oil89Grape Fruit Oil
61Coriander Oil90Grape Seed Oil
62Costus Root Oil91Ginger Oil
63Cubeb Oil92 Hazel Nut Oil
64Cucumber Oil93 Hemp Seed Oil
66Cumin Seed Oil94 Ho Leaf Oil
67Curry Leaf Oil95Honeysuckle Oil
68Cyperiol Oil96 Hops Oil
69Cypress Oil97Hydichium Spictaum Oil Himalaya
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Essential Oil

Essential Oil
  • Essential Oil
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Product List Of Essential Oil

Sr. NoCommon NameSr. NoCommon Name
1Ajwain Oil21Bawachi Oil
2Ajwain Seed Oil22Bay Oil
3Almond Oil23Bergamot Oil
4Aloe Vera Oil24Betel Leaf Oil
5Ambrette Seed Oil25Birch Tar Oil
6Amyris Oil26Black Cumin Oil
7Anethol(Annatto)27Black Pepper Oil
8Angelica Root Oil28Borage Oil
9Anise Oil29Borage Seed Oil
11Apricot Oil30Bottle Gourd Oil
12Arachis Oil31Cardamom Oil
13Armise Oil32Celery seed Oil
14Artemisia33Clove Oil / Clove Leaf
15Ashwagandha Oil34Coriander Oil
16Avacado Oil35Cumin Oil
17Bachnag Oil36Cade Oil Rectified
18Balsam Tolu Oil37Cajeput Oil
19Basil Oil38Cajuput Oil
20Black Pepper Oil39Calamus Oil
40Calendula Oil
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Essential Oils

Essential Oils
  • Essential Oils
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Product List Of Essential Oil

Sr. No.Common NameSr. NoCommon Name
98Hyssop Oil121Marjoram Oil
99Juniper berry Oil122Medoroga Oil
100Jasmine Oil123Melissa Oil
101Jatamansi Oil124Mentha Citrata Oil
102Jojoba Oil125Mentha Piperita Oil
103Juniper Berry Oil126Menthol Oil
104Juniper Leaf Oil127Mimosa Absolute
105Kewara Water128Moringa Oil
106Kimiri Oil129Muskmelon Oil
107Kukui Nut Oil130Myrrh Oil
108Laurel Berry Oil131Myrtle Oil
109Lavandin Oil132Nagarmotha Oil
110Lavender Oil133Neem Oil
111Lemon Balm Oil134Neroli Oil
112Lemon Grass Oil135Niaouli Oil
113Lime Oil136Niouli Oil
114Linseed Oil137Nutmeg Oil
115Mace Oil138Orange Peel Oil
116Mahabringraj Oil139Olibanum Oil
117Mahanarayan Oil140Olive Oil
118Mandarin Oil141Onion Seed Oil
119Manjistha Oil142Orange Oil (10 Fold)
120Marigold Oil143Orange Oil (Sweet)
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Essential Oil

Essential Oil
  • Essential Oil
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Product List Of Essential Oil

Sr. No.Common NameSr. No.Common Name
144Origanum Oil169Rosehip Oil
145Orris Abs170Rosemary Oil
146Patchouli Oil171Sage Oil
147Palm Oil172Sandle Base Oil
148Palma Rosa Oil173Satavari Oil
149Parsley Seed Oil174Sesame Oil
150Passion Flower Oil175Soybean Oil
151Patchouli Oil176Spearmint Oil
152Peppermint Oil177Spikenard Jatamansi Oil
153Perilla Herb178Sughand Mantri Oil
154Peru Oil179Sunflower Oil
155Petitgrain Oil180Shallaki Oil
156Pimento Berry Oil181Turmeric Oil
157Pine Oil182Tuberose Absolute Oil
158Pomegranate Oil183Turmeric Oil
159Pumpkin Seed Oil184Turpentine Oil
160Rat Ki Rani185Valerian Oil
161Roadinol Sweet186Vanilla Absolute oil
162Rodinol Plain187Verbena Oil
163Rose Geranium Oil188Vetiver Oil
164Rose Oil189Walnut Oil
165Rose Oil Bulgarian 190Watermelon Oil
166Rose Oil(Pure) 191Wheat Germ Oil
167Rose Petal Water 192Wintergreen Oil, Gandhpuropi
168Rose Wood Oil 193Wormwood Oil
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